Time's experienced staff will meet with your department heads and move coordinators to prepare a move plan that meets the needs of your entire company. We will discuss all needs of the move and familiarize your staff with the schedule of the services that are necessary for an effective relocation.

     During all phases of the move a member of Time's management will be in attendance, regardless of the day or hour involved, so there will always be a concerned supervisor available for information and consultation.

     Time Moving and Storage goes into great detail in how we plan, implement and complete your relocation. Time will prepare a presentation for the moving committee. This presentation will demonstrate the professional and efficient manner in which Time performs all of its relocations.


With a relocation staff of over 180, we have all the manpower and experience to execute your move with care and precision.


     Time Moving and Storage project managers will color code and label all floor plans. Each floor will be divided by color depending on the size of the floor and the accessways. Within each color, items will be properly designated by a number and/or letter so each item can be properly placed. This will reduce the time necessary to distribute the items on each floor.


Our senior management team oversees all aspects of your move from the planning stage to final execution.