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TIME MOVING & STORAGE will make all aspects of planning a relocation as easy as a phone call. Please contact Time at (800) 989-TIME to schedule a relocation.

All moves will be surveyed by Salesmen/Supervisors. The process for surveying a relocation begins with a salesman meeting with the department that is moving to discuss some general information pertaining to the move. After the meeting a walk-through of the current office is conducted to determine the scope of the move and what additional services will be necessary. Our salesperson will then survey the destination to determine the quantity of materials needed to protect the space and crew size necessary to effectuate a smooth and efficient relocation. Once we have completed our survey of both locations, we will then meet with the staff of the office that is relocating to finalize specific details so we can then prepare an estimate.

We use the following information to determine the necessary man power for the relocation:

  • The access to each building and elevator service.
  • The layout of each office.

Scheduling - After the estimate has been approved, the move will be scheduled from our New York office to help insure control and consistency. All buildings involved in the move will be contacted to schedule elevators and prepare insurance certificates. A field supervisor will be sent to the building to determine protection requirements. A member of our staff will meet with the department that is moving to determine dates for delivery of cartons, marking, tagging, packing, moving and unpacking.

Marking & Tagging - TIME MOVING & STORAGE project managers will color code and label all floor plans. Each floor will be divided by colors depending on the size of the floor and the access ways. This will reduce the time necessary to distribute the items on each floor. Our color coding system will be used by the origin crew to pull colors as specified by the move plan. Within each color, each location will be designated by a number and or letter so each item can be properly placed.

All floors at the new location will be labeled with the corresponding colors from the coded floor plans. Signs will be placed in strategic locations to direct our staff to the proper areas. In each area, numbered placards will be placed at each location to insure proper placement of each item.

Management - Time's on site management team will constantly monitor the progress of the move. The staff size and equipment will be adjusted as necessary to meet the move schedule and cost of the relocation. All changes will be discussed with your staff to keep them fully apprised of all aspects of the move.

Post Move - After the relocation, our foreman and supervisor will oversee the post move set up, which will include removal of protection equipment, unpacking, re-assembly and assisting your personnel in any way to return them to their normal routine. You will find our staff very helpful and polite.

Flexibility - Time Movers maintains a staff of 200 men and a fleet of over 50 vehicles. Because of this we can offer your firm the flexibility you will require to meet your scheduling needs. Our office is staffed 24 hours a day, we are able to schedule services or make changes to the existing schedule regardless of the day or hour.

Equipment - TIME MOVING & STORAGE is equipped with an extensive inventory of all the necessary equipment to perform relocations. In the event that we require additional equipment on a job our warehouse staff is available 24 hours a day to deliver any equipment necessary to complete a move. Time also maintains 4 full time mechanics that are on call to service our fleet of over 50 vehicles. In the event of a break down our mechanic will come to a job site to make the necessary repairs. If the truck cannot be repaired a replacement vehicle will be sent to replace it.

Guarantee - TIME MOVING & STORAGE will guarantee adequate manpower, equipment and storage space to perform all moving and storage services on an as needed basis.


New Furniture Delivery - Time's experienced staff can warehouse and deliver your new furniture. We perform services for most of the major furniture dealers in New York. Our men are experienced with the handling of all major furniture manufacturers. Knoll, Steelcase, Hayworth, GO, Meridian, Kimbal, Gunlock, Bernhardt to name a few.

Archive Storage - TIME MOVING & STORAGE offers state of the art record storage service with a Bar Code inventory control system. This system offers a full range of services with daily pick up and delivery of your records, emergency deliveries within four hours, customized reports and invoicing, destruction and inventory control.

General Storage - For furniture and equipment, Time can assist you with asset management. Our inventory system will keep detailed information concerning all aspects of your furniture.

Asset Inventorying - Time Movers can prepare a detailed computerized inventory of all furniture and equipment located in your present offices. The inventories will include:

  • Item Description
  • Manufacturer
  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Finish

Asset Tracking - Time Movers can help you control each asset whether it be onsite or in numerous offices or warehouse locations. Each item is bar-coded and entered into a database with a complete description of the item and its location. The database is updated each time an asset is moved or disposed of. The database can print a detailed list of all the items to be moved for each person. Our data base is also Auto Cad compatible so your floor plans can be automatically updated.

Your financial staff will be able to use this Asset Tracking System for a depreciation schedule that will be more comprehensive.

Asset Disposition - Time can assist you with the disposal of your excess furniture in the following manners:

  • TIME will contact used furniture dealers to purchase your excess inventory
  • If the inventory cannot be sold, TIME will contact charities willing to accept tax-deductible donations.
  • Finally, after all other options have been exhausted, TIME will assist in dumping the inventory.

Libraries - TIME MOVING & STORAGE owns and operates one of the nations largest and most experienced Library moving companies, Compass Library Relocation and Consulting Service. We have moved over 500 Libraries with collections ranging from 1000 to 3,000,000 volumes.

Art - Time Movers has moved many fine art collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The IBM Corporate Collection, and The Bear Stearns Corporate Collection. When moving fine art Time employees use Aluminum Security Bins for a safe and secure move.

Computer Centers - With today's technological advances each office has a computer system that needs to be handled by experienced moving professionals. Time Movers has relocated many firms where the relocation of the computer system was the largest and most important aspect of the relocation. The largest computer relocation handled by Time Movers was the relocation of over 4000 pieces of computer equipment for Bear Stearns. Included with this relocation was the main computer room which was over 45,000 square feet. Time's staff will wrap each individual component. Once a component is wrapped it will be placed into a computer bin for transportation. Wires, cables and other small related computer items if not handled properly may get lost or damaged during a move. Time recognizes potential problems and has developed computer bags so all cables and related items can be placed in these bags then attached to the computer. This insures their safe arrival at the new location.