Time has relocated many firms where the relocation of the computer system was the largest and most important aspect of the move. Business and electronic equipment have become more complex and sensitive so the care and packing of these items should be handled by professionals. Time Moving and Storage has developed special equipment and procedures to ensure safe handling of all your electronic equipment.

     Time Moving and Storage project managers will color code and label all floor plans. Each floor will be divided by color depending on the size of the floor and the accessways. Within each color, items will be properly designated by a number and/or letter so each item can be properly placed. This will reduce the time necessary to distribute the items on each floor.

Special Protection for areas with marble or tile:

  • Floors - The floor will first be covered with rubber runners to add an additional layer of protection. The runners will also stop the shifting of any other protection materials, which may cause scratches on the marble if laid independently. Finally, masonite will be laid on top of the runners and secured with duct tape.
  • Walls and Columns - Walls and columns are covered with 1/2 inch thick fiberboards and an additional overlay of wallboard. The protection will be held in place with stretch wrap and pressure holding devices. No nails or screws will be used.


Time's packing and unpacking services include specialty packing of computers, artwork and files.


We take care of the items being moved while protecting your new office space. All floors will be covered with tempered masonite and all walls will be covered with corrugated wall boards that protect a full 7 feet high.


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